What Safety Features Will New Mazda Models Offer?

November 5th, 2018 by

One of the most important parts of all new cars today is their driver assist and safety technology. These features have made shopping for a new car even more difficult because of the need to compare the different technologies that automakers offer. Once of the most popular automakers around is Mazda and for many years they have set the bar for the driving experience offered. Now, they are getting ready to be able to offer more drivers the top-of-the-line driver assist technology that makes driving safer. Take a trip over to Julio Jones Mazda in Tuscaloosa, AL today and see all of the different technology that Mazda brings to drivers.

With any of the new Mazda models offered to drivers today you will have a chance to find a variety of different technologies, known as i-ACTIVESENSE®, to give your ride a more confident and complete feeling! Every model in the Mazda line-up can be offered with this package or some combination of other driver assist technology. With i-ACTIVESENSE® you will enjoy:

– Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS): Automatically distributes and points the light according to your speed and steering input to keep the road ahead brighter!

– High-Beam Control (HBC): Will switch the headlights between low-beam and high-beams automatically when it detects taillights ahead or oncoming headlights to keep you driving safe. Additionally, the system will automatically turn off when driving in brightly lit urban areas or at speeds under 18 mph!

– Mazda Radar Cruise Control (MRCC): Using radar sensors in the front, this system will maintain the speed and distance according to the car ahead to keep you moving with the traffic; additionally, this system will adjust according to increasing and decreasing speeds making any drive more comfortable.

– Rear Vehicle Monitoring System (RVMS): Using radar sensors mounted in the rear bumper, your Mazda can detect and alert you of cars through a sound and light in the side mirrors to ensure you don’t attempt to change lanes into an oncoming car!

– Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS): This will detect the line markings on the road and will give you an auditory warning when you begin to unintentionally cross over one of the lanes. This system will not give you a warning during an intentional lane change!

– Forward Obstruction Warning (FOW): Utilizing the radar in the front, this system will alert a driver of an oncoming object, utilizing both auditory and visual warnings, to prompt the driver to apply the brake to avoid an accident.

– Smart City Brake Support (SCBS): This system will apply the brakes automatically thanks to sensors in the windshield to monitor the road ahead. If there is a risk of an accident at speeds between 2 mph to 20 mph, the system can apply the brakes and cut power to the engine is the driver does not intervene!

– Smart City Brake Support [Forward/Reverse] with Acceleration Control for AT (SCBS F/R): Like the system above, this will monitor the front of your vehicle to avoid collisions. But, using two sensors in the rear bumpers, the can detect movement while reversing and automatically apply the brakes to minimize or avoid and accident all-together! Additionally, using the Acceleration Control feature, the car can detect objects in the front or rear, and will cut engine power if the driver hits the gas pedal suddenly!

– Smart Brake Support (SBS): When driving at higher speeds, between 10 mph to 90 mph, Smart City Brake support will monitor the road, up to 650 feet ahead, and apply the brakes in the event of a possible accident! Plus, if paired with other technologies Mazda offers like Distance Recognition Support System and Forward Obstruction Warning, the car can sound an alarm and warning light to ensure you pay close attention to the distance between you and the car ahead.

– Acceleration Control for AT: This system will cut power to the engine is the gas is pressed by mistake and there is an object detected ahead!

Mazda is able to offer more drivers a wide range of technologies that will aim to make your drive safer, and the i-ACTIVESENSE® is merely the tip of the iceberg! Visit Julio Jones Mazda today and check out new Mazda models like the Mazda3, Mazda6, Mazda CX-5, and Mazda CX-9 to experience these safety features and many more! We hope to see you soon!

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